Sugar Industry

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering manufactures a range of sugar milling equipment.

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering designs and manufactures the following items in our Sugar Industry Equipment range. To view renders of some of the equipment we have manufactured, please use our product viewer (right).

Sugar Industry Equipment

Juice Heaters

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering designs and manufactures mixed juice , clear juice and scalding juice heaters up to 900m2. Choice of shell and tube or direct contact heating.

Evaporators and Kestners

Various designs available. Supplied in pre assembled parts for site erection.

Masscuite Re-Heaters

Horizontal or vertical designs. Up to 4000m2

Seed Receivers and Boil Out Vessels.

Vacuum vessels, horizontal or vertical. Supplied with choice of planetary drive units.


Horizontal or vertical units up to 180m2. Supplied with planetary drive unit.

Condenser Vessels

Suitable for all steam conditions, designed accordingly.

Flash vessels and Separators

Condensate flash vessels manufactured complete with sight glasses.