Pressure Vessels

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering specialises in Pressure Vessels ranging from Air Receivers to Steam Condensers as well as Pressure Vessels suitable for human occupation.
All fabrications are done in accordance with the relevant design code. Our quality control system ensures full compliance of equipment and acceptance by Authorized Inspection Authoirty.

For a detailed listing of our PRESSURE VESSELS please review the various options from our listing below. For an overview of some of our vessel renders, use the PLAY button or thumbnail browser in our gallery component (right).

Pressure Vessels

Air Receivers

Design and construction. From 0,5 m3 to 10m3 . Fixed or Portable units. These are stock items, please check for availability. HTP air receivers are radiographed, have a corrosion allowance and full data book! – Items that are not done for most air receivers by other manufacturers.

Stainless and Carbon Steel Process vessels

With process attachments such as mixers , agitators etc.

High Pressure Steam Vessels

Special carbon steel vessels for inline installation on high pressure steam systems. Specifically steam separators and condensate recovery vessels.

Filter Housings and Strainers

Designed and manufactured in stainless steel or carbon steel.

Jacketed Vessels

High pressure or low pressure jackets for new vessels or fitted to existing vessels.

Helical Coiled Vessels

From 40mm to 125mm in stainless or carbon steel fitted to both shell section and dished ends.

Internal Rolled Coils

From 15NB to 100NB rolled internal coils for new or existing vessels. For efficient internal coiling or heating.

Steam Dump Condensers

For low pressure and exhaust steam condensing.

High Pressure Steam Piping Systems

Design and fabrication of piping systems up to 120 Bar. Typically for boiler  and steam turbine installations.

Pressure Vessels for Human Occupation

Diving Recompression Chambers

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering manufactures pressure vessels for the commercial diving industry. Our experience extends to submersible vessels as required for saturation systems.