Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger technologies is a core part of our business here at Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering.

We offer a number of heat exchanger designs and can custom build to your specifications.

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering designs and manufactures the following Heat Exchangers. To view renders of some of the Heat Exchangers we have manufactured or designed, please use our product viewer (right).

Heat Exchangers

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering offer the following heat exchangers:

  1. Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Fixed Head.
  2. Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Floating Head.
  3. U-Tube Heat Exchangers.
  4. Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger.
  5. Heat Exchanger Retubing.

Choice of materials for both shell and tube side, stainless steel, carbon steel and SAF2205 . Tube diameter from 10mm to 75mm.