Zambia Juice Heaters

Illovo Sugar Limited has recently invested in the Zambian sugar industry. This has involved a major expansion of the Nakambala Sugar Estate. The sugar mill has undergone a massive production upgrade with many new pieces of equipment.

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering secured the contract to supply eight juice heaters to the Nakambala Expansion Project.

Details of this project appear below and in the gallery viewer.

Feature Project - Zambian Juice Heaters for Illovo Sugar

These units needed to be designed and drawn to the clients specifications and then manufactured and delivered to site.

The units were manufactured in pairs over a period of three months. The juice heaters featured hydraulic door opening system. This required Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering to supply a complete hydraulic power pack unit and control panel.

The delivery of the juice heaters was done in pairs as the vessels were completed.

Each vessel was pressured tested with its doors. This process ensured that the vessels were accepted in Hi-Tech workshops , with no risk of leaks on site.

The contract also required Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering to supply all valves and pressure relief valves for each juice heater. These were crated specifically for each vessel and accompanied the vessel to site.

All logistics and transport was handled by Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering and the juice heaters were delivered in record time, over the Christmas period !