Revertex Chemicals Surge Vessel

In late 2009 Revertex Chemicals approached Hi-Tech to design and manufacture a 50m3 Surge Vessel for a project at there Durban factory. The vessel had to be designed for a working pressure of 5bar , and still had to remain cost effective.

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering met our clients requirements with precision and efficiency.

Details of this project appear below and in the gallery viewer.

Feature Project - Surge Vessel for Revertex Chemicals

The client had requested the use of 304L material for fabrication. Hi-Tech offered to use LDX2101 , a duplex stainless steel with far higher strength than 304L.

The use of LDX material enabled the vessel to be manufactured from 5mm plate. This resulted in a weight saving and ultimately a cost saving for the project.

To facilitate the complex nature of the vessel , the construction was done “up side down”.
The bottom of the vessel was manufactured first and the legs fitted. While still upside down the many nozzles were fitted using and electronic level to ensure the correct entry angle.
Once completed, the vessel was inverted and the top section, which had been fabricated separately, was fitted.

The vessel was pressure tested and successfully commissioned in January 2010.

As part of this project , Hi-Tech secured another condensate vessel and the supply , fabrication and installation of all piping required for the Surge Tank Project.