Boiler Equipment

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering has many years experience in the production of Boiler & Plant Equipment

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering designs and manufactures the following items in our Boiler Equipment range. To view renders of some of the equipment we have manufactured, please use our product viewer (right).

Boiler Equipment


Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering manufactures Deaerators for boilers up to 250Ton.

Boiler Scrubbers

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering has constructed boiler wet scrubbers up to 150ton/hr boilers. Materials used 3CR12 and Carbon Steel.

Boiler Ducting

Carbon and stainless steel large duct sections and developments. Shop tested and corrosion protection.

Boiler  Equipment

Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering offer a turnkey service for the replacement or upgrade of boiler equipment. Part of our service and equipment offering includes: